Symbol of Chaos

A friend of mine has been pressing me for some time now to make a tattoo design for him: a variant of the Symbol of Chaos — specifically, one based on Morbid Angel’s seminal album, Altars of Madness. Last night I was like, ‘Alright, let’s go for it.’

The image below shows a first fleshed-out sketch. I think it looks promising already.Chaos Symbol, tattoo design, illustrator, graphic design, concept art, occult, illustration
Fun fact (or supposed fact, according to Wikipedia): the Symbol of Chaos has its origins in the fiction of Michael Moorcock. You know, the guy who wrote, among others, the Elric comics? I always imagined it to be derived from the occult, like from, say, I don’t know, Aleister Crowley’s magical diaries… Heh.