The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It was Thursday yesterday. So it was that day of the week on which we throwback to, well, old shit we’ve already posted. Anyway. I was looking through some old sketches and I came across these cutesy princesses. I didn’t feel like resharing them since I never really liked them in the first place — I do think they had potential, though –, so instead I decided on revamping their design concept.

Princess, cute, cutesy, children's book, illustration, cartoon, drawing, fairytale

In other news, I did another Shape Challenge which spurred my creativity.

Viking, troll, hunter, cartoon, illustration, WhatMalDraws, ShapeoftheWeek

Finally, I’m currently working on — you guessed it! — yet another makeover for portfolio purposes. I know there isn’t much to show yet, but for those who are interested in seeing how I start off my work process…

work in progress, cartoon, illustration, scoot mobile, scooter, elderly, senior, old man

Symbol of Chaos

A friend of mine has been pressing me for some time now to make a tattoo design for him: a variant of the Symbol of Chaos — specifically, one based on Morbid Angel’s seminal album, Altars of Madness. Last night I was like, ‘Alright, let’s go for it.’

The image below shows a first fleshed-out sketch. I think it looks promising already.Chaos Symbol, tattoo design, illustrator, graphic design, concept art, occult, illustration
Fun fact (or supposed fact, according to Wikipedia): the Symbol of Chaos has its origins in the fiction of Michael Moorcock. You know, the guy who wrote, among others, the Elric comics? I always imagined it to be derived from the occult, like from, say, I don’t know, Aleister Crowley’s magical diaries… Heh.


A Year in Review

It has been a year since I quit my teacher’s internship. Even more, it has been a year since I left the field of history at large. Now as I look back on last year, I realize I spent far too many years chasing a dream that was never really mine. I’m finally doing what I want, doing what I should have been doing years ago. That’s not to say it has been easy – it hasn’t. And the struggle certainly isn’t over.

Anyway. Here, I will just talk a little about one thing that kept me awake nights: my personal style – or my perceived lack of personal style.

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