Coursera: Character Design for Video Games

coursera 2

It’s official now. I completed my first online Coursera course. I wouldn’t call it an achievement; it wasn’t really so difficult. I think the only potential obstacle to breezing through the course was (is) having snobby peers who review your work. But my peers seemed to have enjoyed the characters I came up with (or perhaps they were just being easy on me!); hence the full score of 100.0% was obtained. Anyway, let me tell you what I think of this course.

Do you get your money’s worth? — Well, enrollment is free. Only if you want an official certificate is it necessary to pay some sum in money.

Would you get your time’s worth? — For those, like me initially, who look around for a course to hone their character design skills, let me say this: This particular course wasn’t so much theory-rich as it was inspiring. It probably most definitely won’t help you get better at drawing and designing (video game) characters per se. But, you will get to see some industry figureheads, like e.g. one of the Adventure Time character artists, doing their thing on video, from sketching to line drawing to coloring. And through “homework” assignments, it will help you, exhort you, out of your comfort zone and make you draw some characters in ways perhaps different from how you usually draw your characters. Of course, all this takes time. All in all, if you want to successfully complete the course, you’re looking at only an hour to a few hours a week, for four weeks — though less if you’re okay with just submitting simple pencil-sketches. So, I’d say it’s worth it!





I did it! I just finished my last homework assignment for the course I’m taking on video game character design. The assignment being, “Draw a character, inspired by a real object, in three ways.” But I misread the assignment as “Draw three different characters, all based on (the same) one object.” Oh well, whatever. Anyway, I based these characters on a yucca(?) (Fuck if I know. I mean, do I look like a botanist?) plant I have had for years — and still have, for that matter. 

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