The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It was Thursday yesterday. So it was that day of the week on which we throwback to, well, old shit we’ve already posted. Anyway. I was looking through some old sketches and I came across these cutesy princesses. I didn’t feel like resharing them since I never really liked them in the first place — I do think they had potential, though –, so instead I decided on revamping their design concept.

Princess, cute, cutesy, children's book, illustration, cartoon, drawing, fairytale

In other news, I did another Shape Challenge which spurred my creativity.

Viking, troll, hunter, cartoon, illustration, WhatMalDraws, ShapeoftheWeek

Finally, I’m currently working on — you guessed it! — yet another makeover for portfolio purposes. I know there isn’t much to show yet, but for those who are interested in seeing how I start off my work process…

work in progress, cartoon, illustration, scoot mobile, scooter, elderly, senior, old man

Closet Monsters

Here’s the first batch of some — redesigned — monsters I’m working on. For an aspiring children’s author, by the way.Closet MonstersPro tip 1: if you use Instagram to show off your work, upload your files through Dropbox. Don’t use your phone with its shitty inbuilt camera. (Unless, of course, obviously, it’s a very good camera.) I only just found out what difference it makes.

Pro tip 2: Don’t lose your Dropbox password, like I always do.

Het is al weer een tijd geleden… – deel XVI.

Ik zeg het niet nog eens. Ik zeg niet nog eens dat ik me voorneem om regelmatig elke week hier wat nieuws te melden. De kans is groot dat het er toch niet van komt.

Niet dat ik nou zo weinig nieuws te melden heb of met een creatieve inzinking te kampen heb; integendeel, ik zal hieronder straks het een en ander vertellen over waar ik de laatste tijd mee bezig ben geweest. Continue reading “Het is al weer een tijd geleden… – deel XVI.”