About me


Let me introduce myself. The name’s Gerrit Rijken. Metalhead. Retro-rocker. Long-haired kavorka. Boyfriend. Comic book aficionado. Brother. Video gamer. Absurdist. Part-time nihilist. I’m also a bachelor’s graduate in History who dabbled a bit in teaching before ending up as a mostly self-taught, freelance cartoonist.

Yes, it’s a struggle. After having spent a decade of study and work in the field of History, I have yet to master the craft of cartooning. So I take no shame in admitting that I take my inspiration from other cartoonists who were (or still are) masters at their craft, and there have been many. To name a few: Uderzo, Franquin, Templesmith, Mignola, Wijn, Lodewijk, Gummbah… But bear with me here, I’m not a clone nor a copycat. Oh no, I’m an Original, on his way of becoming an expert or even a master in his own right. Or so I like to think.

Anyway. Through this blog, I will share a little about myself, I will talk some about the cartoons and other illustrations I make, or have made, and, perhaps, I will let you in on what I could do for you.

So, feel free to check out my blog, from top to bottom! And by all means, drop me a message with your impressions, questions, suggestions, or constructive criticisms.

And, if you still can’t get enough of me…