ArtRage: Short on Memory

The header image is a current work in progress. It is a commissioned cartoon based on the Rapunzel tale.

I have never made a secret of my go-to software: I swear by ArtRage. Of course, I still use Photoshop, but really just for post-processing. But… there’s a but. ArtRage is not without problems. If you, like me, are ever short on scratch disk space, because your hard disk is full or almost full, you may want to take heed of what I have to say.

ArtRage is a memory hog. Basically, every time you save, it saves your file and creates and stores a temporary, exact copy of the previous version. Meaning if you have many layers and/or work on a high-resolution (DPI) canvas, you may find your scratch disks maxed out quickly.

The good news is, there are some workarounds. If you have ArtRage 4, you can change the folder where temporary files are saved. (To do this, go to Edit > Advanced Prefences.) Otherwise, you may have to change your operating system’s default temporary directory. (For instructions on how to do this, click here.)

Alternatively, you could also work on a relatively low resolution and resize it to a higher one with little to no loss in image quality by using, for example, IrfanView. Though that may not work with all images of any type, it does work fine with cartoons such as mine.